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Bainano is a company with expertise of instrumentation for academic research and industry development. Our flagship products include Universinal TriboTester, Vacuum Friction Tester, Cryo TriboTester, High Temperature Tribotester, Vacuum Block-on-Ring Tester, Fretting Tester, Reciprocal Sliding Tester, Vapor Pressure Tester, Ultrahigh Precision Adhesion Tester, Ultrahigh Speed Block-on-Ring Tester, Spherical Bearing Tester, Ultralight Impact Tester, Ultralight Load Ball-on-Disk TriboTester etc.

Bainano services the Washington Metropolitan area including DC, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, and New York for instrumentation including mechanical design, system integration, software programming (Visual C++, LabView, LabWindows), motion controlling and precision positioning, force measurement from nN to KN scale, scientific apparatus upgrading, and consulting.

Bainano Instrument LLC USA                        Last modification: 2017/02/10